Nitrophoska 19%:19%:19%

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Foliar  Fertilization  with Nitrophoska 19-19-19 is not a substitute for soil fertilization but an effective additional measure.

To save application costs, Nitrophoska 19-19-19 should be added to the necessary fungicide and insecticide sprays.

Dose : 1 kg per acre


  • Hunter is a fully water soluble with international standard Multi Nutrient Fertilizers, compossed of high quality Chloride free ingredients. This Nutrients are rapidly absorbed by plants through leaves.
  • Hunter is strongly recommonded to spray, frequently during periods of peak nutrient demand by plants especially during the stage of rapid plant growth, flowering and fruit development.
  • Regular spray of Hunter keeps the plants healthy, increases yield and quality.
  • Provide source of immediately available plant nutrients.

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