Flower Booster

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Flower Booster is a premium powder firm fertilizer formulated to provide maximum blooms and vigorous plants.

The product is mainly promotes root growth, bloom set and vibrant, stress-resistant plants.


Benefits of Flower Booster / Advantages to use of Flower Booster


  • A special plant food developed for maximum color and bloom yield

  • Starts to work for rapid and beautiful results

  • Feeds plants through roots

  • Ideal for All flowering plants bot in-ground and in containers

  • Safe for plants--won't burn when used as directed or harm other plants.



  • For maximum blooms in flowering shrubs.
  • Content-Powder form inorganic fertilizer derived from natural minerals.
  • Dose-3 to 4 table spun per plant.
  • Packing-1kg & 5kg.

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