Divine Tree Black Magic Lawn Fertilizer

Rs. 249
Weight : 1.00 KG
Rating: 5/5

Short Description

Lawn fertilizer for Home, Turfs, Golf Courses, School, Factory, Garden Lawns
Content: Powder Form of NPK + Nutrients
Dose: 1 Kg For 400 Sq.Ft Lawn Areas
Repeat Application Every 2 to 3 months Interval
Packing: 1 Kg

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Black Magic for green magic

  • Black Magic lawn food can be safely used on all types of lawn grasses such as St.Augustine,Bermuda,Zoysia,Cynodon SP.
  • For an all-season lush green lawn,feed your lawn with Black Magic lawn food every 4 to 6 weeks.

Black Magic is effective because:


  • Double feeding action passes essential nutrients through the roots and grass blades.
  • Completely safe for all grass types.
  • Guaranteed thicker foillage development when used as directed.
  • Starts to work instantly with quick beautiful green results.


Application Instructions:

General Usage instruction


  • Use an application of the entire packet or required quantity on the lawn surface.
  • Water the area immediately
  • one packet Black Magic(1 Kg) feeds 400 sq.ft of area.
  • do not apply if heavy rain is expected.
  • Apply this product only to your lawn grass.


For Newly Planted lawn grass

  • Start feeding your fresh lawn grass after 4 to 6 weeks planting.
  • Use one Packet per 400 sq.ft area.

Once a packet is opened, high humidity may cause it to absorb moisture but this is natural and will not harm the product.

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