Divine Tree 3/4 Inch Hose Nozzle Garden Water Hose Quick Connector

Rs. 179
Weight : 50.00 G

Short Description

Quick connection for 3/4" Water pistol and Sprinkler irrigation pipes and other equipment.
Performance ABS Plastic, Sturdy and durable/Light weight and durable
Dedicated design, suitable for Male Nozzle connector
Perfect connects hose Garden Hose Nozzle and easily to install

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Hose Nozzle/Hose Connector By Divine Tree

Hose Quick Connector for 3/4" Hose pipe - The Quick Connector connects to the hose pipe tightly and allows sprinkler to "Snap" Fit on the hose Pipe. This connector is suitable for High Pressure Car Washers or other equipment or for connecting irrigation hose too.



  • Type:-Garden Quick Fitting
  • Color:-Green
  • Martial:-ABS Plastic
  • Weight:50 Gr
  • Made from ABS plastic which is frost resistant & shatter proof


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