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Standard Kitchen Garden Packing

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Vigorous growth and excellent yield potential, Colour: Deep Red, Shape: Round fruits, Smooth, round globe fruit. Strong determinate plant habit, Very sweet and juicy fruit with a weight of aprox. 80 g/fruit, A must have plant in your kitchen garden.

Tomato is a Winter season vegetable,

Sow when night Temperature is 20-25°C, Can also be sown directly in March

Plant Height: 30 cm,

Fruit Size: 5-6 cm across

Sowing distance: 30 cm Plant to Plant,

Best for: Bed Sowing,

Sowing method: Seedling.


  • Determinate vigorous growing.
  • Flattened round medium sized.
  • Av wt 65-75 gms.
  • Tolerent to leaf curl and fusarium wilt.
  • Juicy and acidic suitable for monsoon sowing.

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