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Divine Tree Green Long Chilli Seeds For Home Garden Planting

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  • Chilli (Mirch) is a Winter season crop, can be planted directly from seed in March.In vegetable garden along with chilli grow Carrot , Onion And Tomato as a companion plants it enhance the growing habitat.Before sowing chilli seeds Soak seeds overnight in warm water this will increase germination rate.
  • Soil and climatic requirement:-Well drained sandy loam soil is best for cultivation. it grow well in warm and humid climate and for germination 20-25 degree C is essential. low moisture in soil during blossom development and fruit formation cause bud drop, de-blossom and fruit drop.
  • Seeds Quantity:-35-40 Seeds Approx
  • Watering Requirements:-Water requirement in early stage 3-4 days interval watering is needed, later stages weekly intervals irrigate the plant. Flowering and fruit setting stages are having critical irrigation point during flowering and fruiting stage watering is Must.
  • Plant Height or Length:- 40 cms
  • Planting type:- Seedling/Directly from seed.
  • Spacing:- 30 cm Plant to Plant

Seedling Preparation:-


  • Make a bed of fine soil of 60 cm width and appropriate length having 10 cm height for nursery sowing.
  • Make a top portion of mix soil with 1:1:1 ratio of manure, sand and coco peat for good root growth.
  • Sow the seeds on the bed and cover these with manure mixture lightly.
  • Cover the bed with cloth sheet
  • Irrigate cloth covered bed with hand sprinkle two times a day.
  • Remove the cloth sheet after germination.
  • Transplant the seedling to a well prepared garden plot with manure and fertilizer when they are 5 to 7 cm in height.
  • Make sure to add 60 gm of phosphetic fertilizer in 10 m2 area and irrigate it immediately.



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