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It is the classic cauliflower with the hearty flavor and dense, crisp texture that gardeners and gourmets love. Big, vigorous, uniform plants produce brilliant white, deeply domed heads. Ample wrapping leaves provide shielding from sun and cold. Good-quality, medium-sized heads.

Cauliflower (Gobhi) is a Winter season crop,

Plant Height: 25 cm,

Fruit Size: 20-25 cm across

Sowing distance: 30 cm Plant to Plant,

Best for: Bed Sowing,

Sowing method: Seedling


  • Medium Large Compact Frame.
  • Can be sown most of the year in Karnataka and Maharashtra.
  • Suitable for sowing from August to November in North.
  • Av Weight 1-1.5 KG Depending upon sowing time.
  • Ready in 60 Days after Planting.

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