Water Sample Analysis and Soil Sample Analysis

Soil Sample Testing Service:

Soil testing helps diagnose soil health and evolve soil specific and crop specific solutions. It helps to identify problematic soils, their nutritional status, texture and structure. Based on the analysis, farmers are advised on soil fertility management through rational use of manure, fertilizers and amendments to make agriculture more productive and sustainable. Soil testing becomes crucial to assure nutritional security, maintenance of soil health, enhancement of soil fertility and to leave a good heritage for the future generations.

Water Sample Testing Services:

Water sampling is the most effective to determining the quality of water at any location on an ongoing basis. Independent water testing in commercial premises, will ensure you are able to clearly demonstrate that the water in your building is fit for purpose. Furthermore, implementing an independent sampling programme will resolve to ensure you get the best from all contractors and service providers involved with the water services in your locality.

We offer one off and routine water sampling and inspections services to cover any water system in the workplace, domestic environment OR Indoor/Outdoor Gardens. Our sampling visits are backed up with a full water system inspections, results interpretation and recommendations.

We conduct sampling for legislative, verification, reassurance or operational purposes using the most up to date scientific aseptic techniques.

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